Upscaling and putting technology into the Ford F-150 pickup truck

In my opinion, Ford Motor Company has upscaled the exterior and interior appearance of its 2013, and early offered 2014 Cars, SUV and Crossovers, and Transit Connect vehicles
plus added advanced technology to these vehicles.
Did Ford Motor Company forget to do the same thing for its pickup truck line?
When will Ford Motor Company upscale the appearance of the F-150 by giving it an advanced aerodynamic exterior body style along with an advanced interior design?
When will Ford Motor Company produce a F-150 hybrid pickup truck?
Since Ford Motor Company is now into research and developement to produce vehicles
with advanced technology, why can't Ford Motor Company produce an electric engine for pickup trucks that has an air driven electric generator built-in or to the engine for the purpose of producing electricity to operate the engine?
Using a battery to send electrical charges to the engine could be eliminated and you
would not have to charge a battery in order to have electricity to operate the engine.
Saving money is better than paying out money to electric utility companies for using
electricity to charge batteries in your hybrid vehicle. May 2014 be the year that
upscaling and innovative technology comes to the F-150 pickup truck.
Juston P 01/24/2013
I agree. I would buy such a truck. Give us the new Atlas in electric with onboard generator when battery gets low to get home to plug in for cheaper electricity from my solar powered home...