Universal Power Supply

For many decades now, vehicles have "featured" a cigarette lighter, that was later used as a power supply. Now most vehicles don't even come with an ash tray. I think it is time for the old cigarette lighter power supply to be replaced with something a bit more modern. My suggestion is to make a UPS "Universal Power Supply" that can deliver both 5 volts used for USB applications and 12 volts than can be used for other applications such as charging a laptop or powering a GPS. My idea is to make a plug that resembles a T shape, the "top" of the T would accept a standard USB plug and provide the standard 5 volts. A new plug shaped like a T could be developed that would connect to terminals that would provide 12 volts for a device, the ground could be a common terminal and the plug could even be designed to supply different voltages depending on where terminals were placed in the plug, such as 12 volts and 19 volts. This would eliminate the "bulky" round plugs that are currently used to power devices in a vehicle. This may encourage laptop manufacturers to simply supply a power cable that can be plugged directly into the vehicle to charge a computer, eliminating the need for a bulky voltage converter. This could eventually become a standard in other vehicles and perhaps even on airlines. You could market the plug to initially work with a computer company such as DELL, HP, ACER, etc.
Christopher W 08/19/2012
I came to post the same idea.
Power supplies should also be everywhere, for every passenger, and every place an electronic device might be located.
On the dash for portable GPS, back seats for kids ipods tablets, more important than cup holders!