Using an umbrella is a great inconvenience for a driver. Right now, when it rains, I place a collapsible umbrella on the floor under the emergency brake pedal; not the greatest solution, but workable.

A safer and more consumer friendly innovation for an industry leader would be to develop a vertical zippered/expanding pouch on the front driver door near the hinge, to hold currently popular button activated automatically opening and closing umbrellas, the inconvenience would virtually disappear.

You would be able to grasp the umbrella, open the door,push the umbrella's button and......voila,experience immediate protection from the weather. On reentry, you open the door, sit in the seat and press the button on the umbrella to close it and return it o its pouch. I follow these procedures successfully now, but with the umbrella in an inconvenient and not safest location.
Brad B 04/24/2012
Hey Earnest L ! I too agree about the *brella problem. But be ready to check out the new C-Max in the Fall. I've been exposed to the C-Max at the North American Auto Show and having a rental C-Max in France. The C-Max has a *brella spot moulded into the drivers side seat compartment right below the seat controls, think of it as an *English option that carries well here in the colonies, I mean states. There are further refinements on the way, but I won't spoil the other surprises waiting for you to find in the C-Max.