umbrella space

Proud owner of a 2012 Fusion. The front seats should be redesigned at the bottom to allow space for an umbrella on each side and, possibly, a Club as well. We should not have to force one into place.
Melanie M 11/16/2012
I like this idea for cars in general, and I like it especially for Ford cars. I want to expand on it. I have thought about how cool it would be to have a car that somehow has a really savvy and techy way to use an umbrella. The feature I am imagining may be cost-prohibitive but I am thinking about the need to have an umbrella that you don't have to pull into the car soaking wet and drenching yourself with water after take the time to use an umbrella to avoid just that. So I think if there is a way to build some device where an umbrella can be loaded from the driver's side at the driver's door of the car. Sort of like how a CD loader works on computers. The tray comes out and goes in. I am thinking of something like this for an umbrella that is built into a car. However, I realize that somehow the feature has to be able to close the umbrella and then pull it in. I cannot think of a way to make this work. And if it did work, then how would it work with any type of umbrella or would a special umbrella be required? That is why I think it is cost-prohibitive, but I am sharing just in case some brilliant mind out there can figure it out! :)
Jeff T 10/19/2012
The 2013 Ford Fusion has a little hole for a pen in the center box (makes it easy to find). A hole like that for umbrellas would be good. They could even sell ones that fit well as accessories.