Turn off MyFord Touch Display

By Phil G.

There should be a way to turn off, black out, blank, the 8" MyFord Touch screen while leaving the radio on. A tap on the screen could be the trigger to turn it back on. This would be useful for the drive-in theater, long waits in the car, or even night driving.
Steve 06/29/2014
Just had the worst drive-in theater experience last night. Couldn't get the stereo to stay on because my '13 Escape wouldnt let me override the battery saving function. Every time I turned on the car to get the radio to work again (for 2 minutes before shutting down automatically again) some portion of my headlights went on, annoying everyone around me. Need to fix this so I can turn the radio on for as long as needed!
Dan 06/21/2014
While I can blank the screen on my 2014 explorer (very useful for night driving where the glow is distracting and hurts my night vision), I can't seem to blank the screen via voice commands. Of all times that I really want a voice command, this is one.
Phil G 12/12/2012
Fixed in MFT 3.5.1!!!! Thank you!