Turbo Ranger

I travel quite a bit around the world for my job and while I was in Malaysia, I found the perfect truck! It was a small truck (Ranger-size), it had a full crew-cab (4 full seats), and it was turbo-charged. Guess what brand it was? It was a Ford Ranger! Why does Ford not sell this version in the US? I am currently on my 2nd Ranger after owning a couple F-150's and I would love to buy one of these turbo Rangers. I seriously thought about shipping one to the US, but the steering wheel is on the wrong side (for US drivers).

Ford can make 3 XUV's (Escape, Edge, Explorer) that are virtually the same, but they can't keep making a small truck??
james j 04/25/2013
I completely agree. I asked this question to Ford and the answer I was given was that the F150 was a great blah,blah,yada,yada... Which means the Ranger you see overseas in Europe,Asia,S.America, and Australia would cut to much into the F150 market. Ranger is a great product but Ford has steered the US market to full size and turning back now would basically cost too much to the company. Maybe in 5yrs or so when they realize there IS a market for a small/midsize truck for commuting e.i. Tacoma, Frontier, Suziki Equator, Mitsubishi Raider, GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado.