Trunk in the exployer

By Ann K.

Most people like cars for the trunk space.  There are things we all keep in our trunks on a regular basis.  I want the exployer but there is no storage. If we keep these items in the exployer it will always look cluttered and be in view.  There are a lot of us out there that have no need for the third row of seats.  Make it an option. I think you will sell alot more of these vehicles if you have the option for trunk space where the third row seat is stored.  If a person opts out of the third row then they could use the storage for the third seat as trunk space. It would also bring down the price of the vehicle and I hate to pay for something I will never need.   You could make a hard cover to cover the storage space.  You could call it an Exployer with a trunk.  I would love to be the first to try one of these vehicles and won't charge you a penny.  Thanks Ann
Ann k 08/07/2013
Call it a Ford Explorer with a hidden trunk.  I really want this vehicle but with out the third row seating. Storage is more important to me.