Truly Compact Pickup

We'll be lucky if gasoline ever hovers around $3 per gallon. $4 gas is even more likely. As such, why in the world are we being directed to buy the F150? Why is there no longer such a thing as a compact pickup for sale in the US? The global Ranger is NOT a compact pickup. In the 1970s, while Toyota was offering a reliable off-road pickup, Ford was importing Mazdas and calling them Couriers. Who is going to be first to market in the US with a small truck? Please Ford, do whatever you have to, but bring us a small pick up.
Matt 10/09/2012
I'd like to see Ford make a compact F-100 truck model that has the styling and durability of the F-100 and an engine that rivals the straight 4.
Nathan R 08/24/2012
As long as Ford gets you to buy that F150, they won't produce a smaller truck. Purely a matter of I'm not giving you what you want because I already have the product you'll buy instead.
Brian T 08/23/2012
I drive an F-150 and would be happy to downsize into a smaller Ford truck IF it maintained the ruggedness of the current F-150. It would need to be a true body-on-frame design, rear wheel drive and with good low end power. Fuel economy in the high twenties is a must. I think this could be achieved with weight savings and modern turbo engines. Super high towing/hauling ratings are NOT necessary and a ton of weight could be saved in this area. Four doors would be nice, especially if the new truck had fold flat rear seats with a flat cargo floor.
tim Arnold 08/21/2012
I agree. I saw a Ford Novo Courier is available in Brazil - Looks like a great fit for US! How about converting some for us Ford?