Truck super cab door hinges

Love my 2012 superduty with super cab configuration. Don't like the fact that the rear doors do not open with more fold back. Many times, especially while in the garage, I feel the need to push the door further back than it will go. Also difficult to load large items in back seat. Interior of door always seems to be in way. I know gmc trucks make a big deal about there doors folding further back than there competion. I also owned a Sierra, and the "fold back" was very good. Do they have a patent on this design? thanks for listening. Every time I receive a survey in the mail after buying a new Ford, there is never a space for me to list my likes and dislikes about the vehicle. Hope these postings get looked at by interested employees.
Carl W 06/01/2012
YOu know what would be even better? SUICIDE DOORS!! the original purpose of them was to open further.. Do that and you'll have a winner!