Truck Service

By Troy B.

How about a way to make the trucks easier to service for the do it yourselfer. How about having the whole front clip on the truck flip foreward to allow easy access to the engine. ( plugs, fuel injectors,turbo, exhaust manifolds)
dominic p 03/19/2013
I agree! The best vehicles (dirt bikes, ATV's, cars and trucks) I've owned were easy to maintain and repair. They were also tough, reliable and durable. If I could buy these vehicles brand new again I would. Ford needs to offer a manual transmission in their F-150 and of course come out with a smaller truck with a manual transmission, but they also need to put a dipstick on their automatic (slush box) transmission for easier maintenance. I realize transmissions don't burn oil, but I feel I need to monitor the condition of the transmission and the oil easily by pulling out a dip stick and checking the colour of the oil.