Truck for cities

I don't understand why you stopped making the Sport Trac and the Ranger. They were the perfect size for cities and suburban areas. The F150 is too big. I can carry loads during the day and can go into the city at night, without any trouble finding a parking spot. You NEVER marketed either vehicle. In fact, when I had a Sport Trac, nearly everyone who saw it never you made it!? 

Please! Bring them back! Use the same Ranger style you use in Antigua! That is a great looking truck! 
Thank you!! Denis
Dominic P 02/12/2014
I believe Ford is trying to push their F-150's. They want to maintain their sales leadership, for I don't know how many years now, but for anybody who knows the truth about truck sales, this number is a little misleading. Hey, have you checked out the new Tremor? That's parkable.
Colby S 02/12/2014
I think that is a great idea as well! Smaller truck for less coridinated people.
Jimmy H 02/12/2014
Or better yet in my preference, offer an F150 Supercab with a 5.5-foot box in a regular use trim such as the XLT (as on the Raptor sport and youth market trim) for those who need greater manuevering, parking, and garaging capabiity than the Supercrew and 6.5-foot box Supercab have.  Thanks.