Truck based SUV

I currently drive a 2003 4Runner that has been very good to me. It has the perfect balance of fuel economy, maneuverability (it helps in the tight parking lots of LA), and off-road ability. When the time comes to replace the 4Runner I want it to be a Ford.

However, my options are limited.

1. Ford Explorer - Great car but not a true SUV. I wouldn't feel comfortable taking it off road. I'm not talking about mud bogs and rock crawling but just a step or two beyond a gravel fire service road.

2. F-150 4X4 - This is a great truck especially with the EcoBoost V6. If I didn't live in the city I would buy one in a heartbeat.

Other than Ford
3. Jeep Wrangler - This is the ticket for off road and maneuverability. But it's a Chrysler product. And the fuel economy is horrible. Not a lot of interior storage. But a great week-end driver.

4. Toyota 4Runner - This is the perfect balance of road manners and adventure.

What would happen if Ford brought back the Bronco? I picture an SUV designed to compete with Toyota's FJ Cruiser and Jeep Wrangler.

- A balance of adventure and road manners
- The utility of a Wrangler (removable top)
- Big enough to put the dogs in the back and go hunting or bring a friend or two snowboarding, but not so big parking is painful
- I'm thinking a size in between the Edge and Explorer

Any thoughts?
Justin H 09/23/2012
I agree, but I dont necessarily want the bronco back, I just want the explorer back on a truck platform. I have an 07 Mountaineer and I love it, but eventually I want to replace it with something similar but will have to switch brands to get a truck-based mid-size SUV
Brandon Skaar 02/07/2012
@Curtis, I agree a $30-40 Bronco would be excessive. But $25-35 would fit the market don't you think?
@Isaac, Yes, size is an issue. I would choose an F-150 before an Expedition. The good news is Ford is serving the mass market very well. The majority of buyers drive mostly on the highway and fuel economy is a big factor. Thank you both for your comments.
Curtis Houck 02/02/2012
I would like to see the Bronco back in the line-up but only if sized and equipped same as the 1968 model. The way MSRP's are going , a new Bronco could cost from around 30-40k dollars . That's the deal killer on most new cars these days. Home values down, MSRP's of vehicles on the rise.
Isaac Johnson 02/01/2012
Maybe you should give the Ford Expedition a look? But im guessing you are looking for something smaller. If thats the case I agree with you considering the fact that the new Ford Explorer is now on a CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) platform as opposed to the SUV platform it was on before. I truly believe that Ford needs at least ONE true mid-sized SUV.