Trash Compartments/Receptacles

One of my most favored ideas is to incorporate a trash receptacle into vehicles, especially in mini vans, SUVs and passenger vans, if not in any other body style passenger vehicles. I say it’s my favored idea because I keep a trash bag in my car. I usually recycle the plastic bags that I receive when purchasing goods from various stores, and use them to dispose my trash. I can say that it will definitely minimize littering. Now, I’m not insisting that these trash receptacle/bins be overly bulky and take up too much space. Instead, this can be a one to two gallon cutout or receptacle, housed in retractable compartment in the dash area of the vehicle or in the center console area for back row seats in a mini/passenger van and Suv. As an added way to service this feature, your company can also manufacture disposable trash bags that will fit the receptacle.