Transportation vehicles in the future

If the world doesn't end December 21, 2012, I feel that the future of transportation vehicles will change. Transportation vehicles in the future will be downsized. Full sized cars and trucks will go to 3/4 size and mid-sized cars and trucks will remain the same size or go to compact size. This downsizing will be done to save on the cost of materials needed to produce automobiles.
Increase of the U.S. population in the future will lead to more people owning cars and trucks. More space will be needed for parking larger amounts of motor vehicles on residential streets, in shopping mall parking lots, and in parking structures. Cars and trucks that take up less space will be in demand.
Less will be more in the future. A motor vehicle which takes up less space and has a small displacement engine that outputs a lot of horsepower/torque.
Ford Motor Company should begin research into developing very small displacement engines that produce high horsepower output and torque. (i.e. 3-cylinder engine that can produce an output of 250 horsepower)
High output small displacement engine + Advanced aerodynamic exterior body styling + low curb weight = Volume sales of Ford vehicles

D. Porter- Want the Ford oval to dominate the auto-
mobile industry