transit pickup

By Brad B.

Hey Ford ! I went to the UK website to get a preview of the new Transit Van that will carry on after the Econoline. I like this, especially the three across front seat for the van for people transport. While there I also saw the front wheel drive cab only version with the flatbed/pickup body. Guys .... there is the Ranger replacement ! From a horse farm owners perspective it would be great. Flatbed and pickup in one. From a John Deere dealers perspective perfect shop vehicle. With it's fold down side it would be the perfect
implement/equipment/sales vehicle. As I tell my guys ....*Run With It. Chevy and Dodge won't be able to recover from this hit. Long Live The One Ford Theme ! Can I get mine in Mica Stone ?
No, its easier. If you'll have a 8 dollar galon, you can't afford strong, powerful and comfortable huge truck with lot of anything. Just look at the Europena transit. All has small diesels, with nice fuel consumption, but with lack of power. You really want to carry more than a half ton in 70 hp (maybe 100) manual van? And in adittion, you can' t haul anything. It's just good for post vehicle or other very light duties, but not for standard North American "works"...

Really, just try the Trasit. E/F is 1000000% better
Brian Langston 01/06/2012
UK gets all the cool vehicles that ford will not bring here. They don't want totake sales away from the f-150!