Transit Connect Outdoors

I am a cyclist and triathlete and current own a AWD Honda Element because i love the versatility, and the internal space, my biggest disapointment was when Honda kill the model a year ago. There is nothing like that in the market right now...make a version of the Transit Connect AWD/ Plug in / Turbo Diesel Hybrid / with lots of different internal configurations to carry the family, but that can easily converted to carry... bikes, kites, surf, skiing, climb gear. The interior don't need to have carpet flooring, the dash has to be clean with easy connectivity with electronics like iphone, Ipads... add a power inverter and a portable shower like the Nomad incorporated to the vehicle and you have the perfect car for the outdoors person.
Kristin M 06/21/2014
charles 04/09/2014
I also have a Honda Element and am thinking about what I would replace it with. Sadly, with Honda discontinuing Element production, there is nothing in the market to replace it. I am actually considering a Transit, but it does not have an awd, which is really important for driving around unpaved roads. A Transit Outdoor model designed for the active crowd who need utility over anything else would be fantastic.