trans dip stick tube

on the 2012 and up f150s paired with the 5.0 it is a chore to do a transmission fluid flush. in order to do it you have to have someone keeping an eye on the machine and one to check the fluid. I had the short end of the stick the other day and had to be the one checking the fluid. put a normal dip stick tube on the trucks as it is the motor has to be hot and the dip stick/ plug is right next to the exhaust. its not innovative but its a tried and true method. put a normal dipstick on the trucks
Marcus I 03/03/2014
Ford's recommended Automatic transmission change interval is 60k miles for a 2012 F-150. For most drivers, that's about once every four years. And most original owners of Fords don't change their own oil, thus it's not in the interest of Ford to facilitate the procedure. If you're a serviceperson that does this procedure frequently, I'm sorry. Perhaps a one-off dipstick-shaped tool could be made up to use from truck to truck?