Traffic Flow Control (TFC)

 Dear Ford, after spending the first half of my driving career stuck in grid lock traffic, I've got a challenge for you. Can you make(using your vast wealth of technology) what I call"Traffic Flow Control"? By this I mean a car with sensors that would reconize it's unfortunate situation of being abused with the irritating stop, go, stop, go and so on. If all cars would stay at maybe 25 mph in these situations life would improve for the world as we know it. With this technology if you and another car with the same were traveling next to each other on a two lane road, they could set the pace for the rest of herd and by not redundatly lane changing, traffic would flow alot better than what we all are anoid by. If all cars in the future had "TFC" and people would learn not to change lanes unless exiting I do believe "road rage" would be a thing of the past. The "TFC" would need to be goverened not to exceed 25 mph. Once you've reached the goal of the open road ahead (dream come true), the "TFC" would sense this and un-govern the car to do as the driver commands.