Tow Mode

By Jay P.

I drive a great deal of your vehicles with trailers, specifically the new Explorer and F150, not only is it annoying and distracting when the reverse alarm activates while towing a trailer it is dangerous because while you are trying to do a difficult task you have alarms going crazy. This is compounded in the Explorer with the rear collision alert. Why don't you make it so that when your vehicles are put in Tow/Haul Mode that these features are disabled when the vehicle is put into reverse? I realize that you have the ability to turn them off however while backing up a trailer and having to scroll through menus or look for separate buttons this becomes distracting. Some german vehicles have a voltage sensor on the trailer light harness that disable these features, it can be troublesome with some LED light packages in new trailers, using the Tow/Haul button to disable these features I feel is an elegant solution. Please consider it and if possible make it an update for our current my ford explorer.