To Do List

Dear Ford,
I love my three year old escape hybrid. I really love it. I can take my 125 lb. Bouvie De Flanders with me and he has plenty of room to perform his guard duty. He must do it well because no one has broken into the car. If they had we would have found them drowned by dog licks.
There is one thing that I would love to see (hear) added to the car.
Car “Sync, say a command”
Me “To do List”
Sync “Say a command” ie: Read list, new item or add etc, etc.
Me “New”
Sync “New Item”
Me “Get coffee creamer at Trader Joes”
Sync “Added , Next item”
Me “Pick up dry cleaning”
Etc, etc, this along with a”delete item/completed item” would be wonderful.