tire pressure

I have always been a Caddy man and i just bought my first ford. I love it and until few days ago had no problems. On the caddy, when my tire pressure is low it, tells me for example. your front divers side tire is low and pressure is 29 lbs.
My pressure system went off on my ford and it just says your tire is low. It is very hard to see which tire the blue line is going to. it does point to which side but very hard to see front or back tire. you could very easily use software to tell me how many pounds my tire has and which tire is low. it would be very helpful to me. I could just check it myself every other day but that is one of the reasons i bought a car with that system check so i didn't have to. please update that system check
Philip F 01/25/2014
Nissan offers the notification technology that will honk the horn and flash the lights when pressue is correct when filling a tire.