Tire low indicator

Even though my 2011 has a "low tire pressure" warning, it doesn't tell me WHICH TIRE is low! Maybe Ford could add the sensor to indicate WHICH tire is low? :)
Chris B 10/19/2012
On my 2011 F350 I have a very cool LCD display in the main panel. It should be a software change to display the actual pressure of each tire in that display... That would be awesome.
Jeff T 10/19/2012
Well Crissy, I still agree. I like to get a read out my tire pressure anytime. So if I see that 3 tires have 32 lbs and one has 28 lbs, I can top off the one. If all are good and I go to a service station, I can tell them, don't touch the tire pressure. :-)
Crissy L 10/16/2012
My bad..I got to reading my manual (funny I have to read how to operate my car)..anyway, when the low tire pressure light is on, if I press the "info" button, it WILL tell me which tire is low! Sorry for being the typical blonde :)