Third Row Seating

Hi my name is Chris Feagin , i drive a Ford Freestyle it's a very nice car, drives good and a good sound system but i was wondering maybe in the future you all can make a third row seat sedan, now it may sound crazy but why limit to only crossovers and s u v's it would be nice to have a sedan or mid size car with third row seating, like i said it may sound crazy but i've been thinking about this for many years and would love to see it come to life.........Thank You!
Monica 01/28/2013
I was at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit over the weekend, and Tesla has a sedan that has a third row of seats that face the rear of the vehicle - the seats are actually in the "trunk" cargo space accessed by a rear hatch.
I also believe that the Ford Taurus Hatchback had a 3rd row of seats at one point as well.