The Ford Mileage Tracker

By Bart L.

An idea for a Mileage Tracker for Business Owners and Road Warriors who need to track mileage for tax purposes. We all know it's a pain in the tail. What if there were technology in the vehicles that allowed drivers (at the push of the button or voice command) to let the on-board computer know that "this trip is personal" or that "this trip is for business" at the end of the year they should be able to either pull the info card from the car or log into the cars on-board computer and print off the mileage log! God knows it's one of those pain in the neck things for a ton of business people and one that would appeal to a ton of drivers. "The Ford Mileage Tracker"
Jonathan ARmstrong 01/14/2014
This is a fantastic idea.
Melanie Dara 05/25/2011
Great idea! I'd like it if the car would ask on start up if this is a business trip or personal.
Dennis Murphy 03/18/2011
That would be cool. I don't even bother trying to track it anymore.