The Custom Returns

I am a long time Ford owner. My 1997
F-150 has over 377,000 miles on it and
is still going strong. It is a 4.6 V-8
and still gets 20 mpg.
But, I have a question. As with most
Americans, times are hard. My question
is this. Why can't you people at Ford
come up with a truck that is affordable
for young as well as us fixed income Ford
lovers. Nothing fancy just Power steering,
breaks, air, no carpet or leather,
roll-up windows and a radio. Kind of like the Custom
of years back. This would help everybody.
Construction companies don't want fancy,
they want practicle. In fact back in the day
I'm 64 years old, we used to buy the Custom
so we could hunt, fish, work and play out of
it without fear of ruining the carpet or leather
seats. In other words bring back the real truck.
Give us a cheaper truck with the same quality
as is now and you will own the truck market
and send the import trucks packing.
Josh W 10/18/2012
If you want this truck, it's already made. Look at an XL or an STX.
Bob E 10/16/2012
I'm a total Ford fan, but here's the thing. Nobody is going to get any money from me if the prices remain up where they are! I can't afford $45,000+ for a new truck! My 2004 F-150 isn't anywhere near worn out, but everyone would like to have a newer vehicle than 1- years old. And I agree with getting rid of a bunch of the over-done niceties on them. I don't need SYNC...I have a GPS, I don't use bluetooth (don't know what it is!), and spend my time looking at the road, not a screen. Make us a quality vehicle at low price.
Neal H 10/14/2012
Have you gone to a ford dealership and looked at an XL?
Billy H 10/14/2012
Ford already makes this truck . The XL.
Dave P 10/12/2012
Unrelated to the economy, the fact that this selection isn't available all the time is just plain lame. It's just typical of marketing, pushing the US consumer into excess. You know Ford wouldn't make as much on scaled down models, so it's obvious what's going on. it's not like you won't buy a truck when you need one, so if the selection isn't there, you buy what you need given the options, thus Ford makes more $$ on you. I don't blame em to some extent as it is a business, but I sure wish it wasn't a marketing/profit poker game. In an ideal world we'd all be driving the pickup designed specically for our use, so probably most of the market woudl be driving the basic version, hunting, fishing and hauling (heaven forbid listening to AM radio). I'm not cheap, just practical. I agree Ford would own this niche in the market if they would provide the right vehicles.
David G 10/04/2012
I'm not a "pic-up" guy, but I do drive a mid/full sized "SUV". When I say SUV, I mean fuyll time 4x4 with a box Frame.

The Ranger is not old sold overseas, its been sold with the 2.8 international diesel for a few years already. I'd buy a crew-cab DIESEL Ranger TOMORROW if it was offered here.

Why was the Ranger canceled? Safety reasons (needing to upgrade to meet newer restrictions) ? DOT/EPA (same, needed to upgrade powerplant)? or was it sales? Were SUV sales taking sway from the Ranger?

That said, the ranger was NEVER offered in the US (as far as I know) as a Crew-cab"
DeeGee 09/25/2012
I agree with Edward C. Bring back a truck people can afford and actually use. Who needs a short bed, leather seats and a $50,000 price tag. Also, consider bringing back the Ranger. Not everyone wants, needs or can afford a full size truck. DeeGee.
maude w 09/25/2012
I agree. The economy is stagnant right now so companies need to adjust their thinking. Your going to have to lower prices or lose out completely to foreign auto companies. I'm sure americans would love to buy american made but it's very hard when american companies are more concerned about profits and not about saving the american economy. Some companies learned and have made the changes that will get us through this hard time. This is not the first time the country has been in this situation, it happened back in the 1970's, we made it through then and will make it through this but companies have to do their part by lowering prices on everything from food to cars if not our economy is going to end up like Europe's economy.
Alvin W 09/23/2012
I agree!!! I am also a long time F150 owner. I have a 2001 Lariet. Ford needs to bring back the Ranger. It's a TERRIBLE idea to only sell the Ranger over seas. I would buy a Crew Cab Ranger with a turbo deisel tomorrow if I could. Untill that time I will wait for Ford to come to it's senses.
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Ford & Edward ! I agree with you. The Robert MacNamara in me wants to see this happen as well. I'd like to see a stationwagon the size of the Fusion show up too, I'd just ad one option power locks for the lady folk who work at the horse farm with me (safety reason).