The all new Ford Waverider

My name is Nolan and I had an idea to make an amphibius car.  If you don't already, you should.  And maybe make some boats too.  Like my idea the waverider.  It could be like a tiny yacht.  It would probably have a v10 engine with 6 speed manual so you could relax or you could take up a wave and get yourself wet.  There should also be colors such as chrystal red, pink, purple, vivid green/neon green or glow in the dark orange.  That would be pretty cool.  A glow in the dark orange mini yacht that can go 150 miles per hour.  But don't forget saftey.  There should be inflatable seats and seatbelts.  Also in order to go 150 miles per hour you would have to have a hypermode enable with a password of your choice.  The top speed then should be 80 miles per hour.  Also have windsheild wipers, but for the sides of the car to get barnacles off.  Just for convenience.  There should also be pull out tires and wheels if you ever want to take a road trip in it.