Taurus RT (Road trip)

I've Owned 2 Ford trucks (150 and 250)and 2 Ford Tauruses.

Love the Taurus ride for long distance traveling, you can't beat the comfort. Going back and forth to work in a comfortable car with good gas mileage is great.

Love to see the Taurus get back a wagon style and be able to handle towing a small utility trailer. Be able to have kayaks on top, camping gear in the back and a small trailer for extra storage.

What gave me the idea is that when we had the Ford F250, we installed Leaf spring air bags on the truck. When we would be towing something heavy, like a Fifth Wheel trailer, we would inflate the airbags and deflate it when not towing.

Basically, have the Taurus ride for long trips with the transmission of a small truck for towing. Have the Leaf spring airbag system installed so when you are towing it will help carry the load.

I can see 4 adults going cross country in a Taurus RT. Lower profile then a truck or SUV but taller then a midsize car.

My friend has a Honda CRV, but because she is short, it's hard for her to get the kayaks on and off her SUV without the help of a step stool. I'm 5' 11" tall with long legs, so I would need the head and leg room.

We both agree, my Ford Taurus is great for long rides.