Taurus Fuse box location and Cargo light switch.

I have the 2008 Taurus LTD AWD. It was a great idea to make the seats to fold down. I picked up a load (16 strips) of 12 foot trim boards one night, tied the trunk to about 9 inches from closed, and was ready for installation the next day. They only hung out the back about a foot. Problem was that there was no way to turn off the cargo light when the trunk was open, and I did not want to offload everything for overnight to save my battery. instead, I tried to remove the bulb, and it shorted the fuse. Same problem if you have a door open short of disconnecting the battery, which is not in the best interest of all the electronics no doubt. How about a switch on the cargo trunk light. By the way, the cargo fuse also controls the vanity mirrors and garage door opener, so all are toast til I replace the fuse.
Hence problem 2: Ridiculuous location of the most commonly accessed fuse box. How about the end of the instrument panel near drivers door, facing out , instead of way up under the dash facing away from natural light. It will take a younger man or a contortionist to replace a simple fuse.