Tailgate open indicator light

as with an indicator on the dash for an open door, it would be nice to have an indicator light come on to alert you that the tailgate is open for those of us that have Tonneau covers or truck caps or even thoughs that forget to check the tailgat at night, that way we could not lose stuff out the back of our trucks, you could make it automatic to come on every time the truck starts up when the tailgate is left open, and have the option to shut the message off if you intend to leave the tailgate open, but again if you shut the truck off and restart the truck it should come on again to alert the driver, or if it is shut off and you open the door again while you leave the truck running it should come back on as well just incase you get out and take something out and meant to close it.
Jim Ryan 05/13/2013
This should be a required feature on all vehicles with tailgates. My wife has already smashed the tailgate on our SUV twice because she didn't know it was still open - once on exiting the garage and once on entering it.