SYNC/Touch Smartphone App

Offer something like the Onstar app that allows access to the SYNC/Touch system. So we can start the car, adjust temperature, adjust radio station and set/upload trip navigation settings and check fuel level, so when we get to the car it's ready to go. Also offer a remote 'rain' or 'secure' button that allows you to close all windows/lift gate/sunroof, lock the doors and set the alarm when you are away from the car. Offering most of the functions of the upcoming EV app, but for the gasoline powered car or truck.
Matt Gehling 08/08/2011
I would love this feature. Imagine, managing your vehicle, oil level/life, and vehicle health report from your cell phone. The simplest way would be by loading this data via bluetooth upon entering and exiting the vehicle, or I guess having a car that is capable of using 3g would be cool too. That would help Ford become the most tech savy company; if they can do it on mp3 players, why not cars? Think of how many smartphone users there are in the US. How many would want the car capable of this? I'm sure it will be a standard in the future.
Jim Batchelor 07/10/2011
I would actually pay for this app