Sync in Boss 302

I would like to see Sync offered in the Boss 302. In my state, only hands free phone usage is allowed.
I do not wish to clip one of those earpieces on.

I know the Boss is supposed to be racier. I do not think Sync would detract from that image.

I use it all the time in our Flex & Milan. Great system !! I'd like to have it in the car I have wanted for 30+ years.
I have one on order know.

I'd be willing to wait for a 2013 Boss if I knew this option would be offered.
Chris 12/30/2011
I will not buy a Boss 302 until it is offered with Sync. The multimedia innovation is the one of the major selling points of Ford products and is a big part of why I am even considering a Ford at all.
Tracy Munday 09/02/2011
I am a new 2012 BOSS owner as well as the owner of a 2012 Escape. The escape has the SYNC system and is very easy use while driving.

The BOSS is a drivers car which requires both hands and feet to operate safely.

sean cortright 09/01/2011
This is one of Ford's more innovative systems; it seems out of character that it would not be available on this high-performance vehicle which includes so many other innovations.
Robert James 09/01/2011
Being able to retro Sync into the 2012 Boss 302 is more a need than a want.
Talking on Cell's while driving is a serious safety issue, and is quickly becoming a serious legal issue, (as in breaking the law), and could quickly become a serious financial issue, not only in fines, but in liability for causing and accident. ultimate result, no drivers licence so no more need for a Boss or any other Ford for that matter. I urge anyone reading and Ford itself to support Sync being retroactively available in the 2012 Boss 302.
Robert James
I agree with Saul, Richard. I have a 2012 BOSS on order for Q4 2011 production, and would like to have the hands free as well. My wife just purchased a 2011 Ford Escape with Ford Sync and it is awesome.
If anyone knows if there is some way to get a sync system installed either as a Ford component or aftermarket I would like to know.
Richard D. Boston MA
Saul Reyes 05/27/2011
Many people today, drive while talking on the phone; it would definitely be much safer!