Switch off interior lights

By Adam B.

Please make it posible to turn off the interior dome lights when the doors/hatch are open. Sometimes it's preferable to keep the lights off at a campground at night, or while using the Tailgate feature on the Explorer or Flex during a drive-in movie or fireworks show.
Peter K 09/03/2014
There definitely should be a way to turn off the interior lights. Either with a Master Switch or with individual switches like the way it used to be. I don't understand Ford's reasoning in removing the individual light switches.
Brett M 07/07/2014
I've always preferred vehicles with this option. Sometimes on road trips, kids will fall asleep in the back seat, and when the driver needs to get out of the car, the interior lights will come on and wake the kids up immediately. Also, this feature would be perfect for camping, drive-in movies, and other events such as soccer games and tail-gating parties where you would rather keep the lights off so as to keep the battery from dying as well as to keep the heat produced from the lights to a minimum.