SUV with Mini Van Perks?!

So we all know that most people hate driving mini vans - they are large bulky vehicles that to most are not very attractive. So why do many families own them? Because of the small but huge conveniences of the mini van. They have sliding doors (so parking in tigher spots is much easier), the 2nd row of seats is bit more pushed back from the front seats giving the passengers more room, some mini vans have storage areas and coolers in the floor (major space saver from carrying a huge cooler with you). My dream family car would look like an suv (escpae/edge) but would have smaller sliding doors, a slightly larger back seat, and maybe some extra storage in the floor to make the space in the car more efficient. Plus some of the newer SUVs are getting way better gas milage than mini vans are now so they would be a more popular option of familes that have fewer children.