SUV Sliding rear doors

Why not put rear sliding doors on your SUV's?? I am sure buyers would love it and mark your vehicles as even more unique.

lawrence t 10/08/2013
Ford- Please offer rear sliding doors on SUVs:)
RYAN R 10/13/2012
Agree. Someone in marketing is missing the boat
Misty B 08/20/2012
I agree with Danny. sliding doors on front and back would make it easier with children, disabled adults, and would help keep you from damaging other vehicles with doors slaming into them.
Danny 10/30/2011
I agree. However, I think every vehicle could benefit from sliding doors. The front doors could slide forward and the rear doors could slide back.

Parking lots are too small and I dread parking my 2011 explorer. The rear doors are way too big and I have a hard time loading and unloading my kids.