Super Duty Sub-Zero Weather Package

I think these trucks need a Sub-Zero Weather Package for all trims levels which would include the already available Engine Block Heater, Supplemental Heater Element and Heated Mirrors. Incorporate a power radiator/grill vent panel to open or block air passing over the radiator for faster warm ups then automatically opens once desired running temps are reached. We know diesels take longer to heat up and letting them idle or warm up is not green.
Also include Heated Seats and Steering Wheel with non-fog/frost coating/film on rear and side glass.
Russell K 05/12/2014
Pplus something to de -ice the windshield wipers.
Bill C 08/12/2013
High idle switch.
James Filardo 02/05/2013
Sounds useful and easily implemented with existing options for the most part.
Harold H 02/02/2013
How can I get better fuel mileage on my Ford Super Duty F350 ??? I am only getting 12?13 miles to a gallon ??? Also agril vent panel unit where to find one so I can install it myself ???