Sun Blockers

It would be great if Ford could make pull down sun blockers (mesh material that would pull down from ceiling of vehicle) for riders behind the driver and front passanger seats. They can be easily pulled down by a hoop string and adjusted for needed length to block the sunlight that comes through the fron of the vehicle where there is no tint, more importantly, the sunlight entering through the windshield. This would be a tremendous help for those traveling with infants and younger children, the sunligh hurts their eyes so much, and it pains a parent to see them cry. The sun visors in the front are just not enough. Even in saftey measures, lets say the car was involved in an accident and the sun visor did not retract, since its made of mesh, if a child or anyone happened to come out of their seat and face plant on the visor and became unconscious, atleast he/she would still be abl to breathe.