Suicide Doors

With Ford making another revision for the 2014-2015 Ford Mustang (Or so I hear). It'd be a wise idea to make a change in the way people get in and out of their vehicle. I can't say how many times I've exited and entered my mustang with friends in the back, only to look at my F-150 and say, man... suicide doors would be great here - it'd solve a lot of problems. Anyway, just an idea for the new car in case you guys wanted it to keep the old two door visible motif going but add a bit of functionality and convenience. Also, don't be afraid to give a little extra leg room to the back passengers, comfort should be paramount in a vehicle next to it's reliability and functionality.
David F 08/08/2012
Suicide doors would be amazing on a Lincoln Continental or even a Taurus, but the Ford Mustang is a 2-Door.
Leif G 04/19/2012
You mean like the back doors of Saturn coupes???

No... Not on a Mustang... Never... (And the bench seat suggestion was just sarcasm, right???)
RITA H 03/13/2012
Great idea and a 60/40 bench would be nice.