Storage in C-Max

Add a coin drawer like in the Fusions. Add storage compartment in front because storage on the door is not convenient for larger persons.
Brad B 04/03/2013
Hey Ford & Stan U! There are about two changes I'd make. The arm rest on the driver's door for me needs to be about 2" higher, same for the console arm rest. Other than that ... don't change nuth'in.
Stan U 01/06/2013
I've had my C-Max for 3,000 miles now. The whole center console is stuck somewhere between 1960 and 2013. If I put two drinks in the cup holders there are no more accessible storage spaces! Replace the giant 1960's shift lever with a minimal dial or lever like the Prius. Give me storage space there with accessible and visible USB and SD connections. Replace the "cigarette lighters" with space saving USB's. The center storge bin is a major distraction and arm contortion to use. Don't put the primary data connections in there. Elongate it and move it forward. Give me a dedicated pocket on the dash or door panel to insert or store the key. The act of using the key saves me from searching for it through my bag and clothes every time.