Stop the nickel and diming - and NO spoiler-mounted backup cameras!

With Ford having built actual and quantifiable value for the Blue Oval brand, it does itself a disservice by deleting certain convenience or performance options from more expensive or higher trim level vehicles for the sake of economizing despite higher transaction prices - and at the expense of goodwill.

An ideal example is the lack of heated seats in a $50K Mustang GT500 (at any price) despite being available in even the most modest trim level - and without any performance-oriented weight savings.

Equally egregious is the practice of embedding backup cameras in spoilers which leave certain trim levels of certain vehicles without the option of a factory backup camera - even with navigation unites, as is the case with GT500 and was the case with every 2010 Ford Taurus except Taurus SHO.
Thomas Kotowski 04/11/2011
I whole heartly agree. You can't get a Mustang GT with clothseats and Shaker 500/Sync, its not even a option. You are forced to buy a Premium GT with leather seats and other add ons. Yet, you can buy a Fiesta SE and have Sync added as a option, this a 15,000 dollar car! Yet the Mustang GT is 30K and Sync isn't even a option. I'd buy a new Mustang today, but I want cloth seats and a good stereo w/sync. The built engine would a good performance option, manual trans only. The Boss 302 short block would be a good start, with the clutch from the GT500.