Stop Short Changing Customers

By Nick C.

I am a loyal Ford Customer, yet have some beef's with the lack of standard items included in the vehciles. I purchased a 2010 F250 Diesel with the Cabela's package. First off, there is no compass or outside temp on this "outdoor themed" truck, doesnt that seem a little odd that a truck for the outdoors doesnt have outdoors info that all other one do? Second, The truck has a block heater built into it, as do all diesels, but no cord. I live in a northern climate and after spending $50,000+ I have to PAY the dealer another $200 to install an extension cord? Really? To be honest, people make investments like this and should be able to expect standard options like that to be included. Why would Ford spend the money to install the heater, but not the cord, go the extra 1ft to complete going the extra mile.