Stand-alone garage opener option

I am awaiting a Fusion Energi Titanium. I wanted an integrated garage door opener but the only way it comes is in an $800 package which includes the moonroof which I don't want. Why can't there be a dealer installed sun-visor/garage opener option? Better still would be to offer a garage door opener as a stand-alone factory option. (Even though I want the opener, I'm not going for the marketing gimmick and buying a moonroof that I don't want).
Rick N 07/20/2013
This item should standard...I'm old and do not any sun light let alone moonlight! Just let me get the car in the garage!
Steve G 04/14/2013
I'm with you there. I'd like an integrated garage door opener, but when I went car shopping one of the things I told the salespeople was that a moonroof was a deal killer.
Philip G 04/03/2013
I had to get the sunvisor option. It is available. Problem it is always active with or without the key. Safety problem!
Bill O 02/11/2013
I agree it should be a dealer add worse case...