sport utility minivan

My favorite car company is Ford. My favorite vehicle is, however, a Honda Element. Honda isn't making an Element anymore. Ford isn't making any minivans. What I need is a sport minivan. A 4-wheel/all-wheel vehicle that can get me and my gear/bike/dog/etc. where it needs to go, in a tall, sturdy, great gas mileage, vehicle that is comfortable, smooth, easy and reliable. I like funky and fun, which is all that the Element gives. But I will never give up my F150 for reliability and the best truck ever. Can Ford step up and create and bring to market the best sport utility mini-van out there? Sliding passenger doors, ease of step in convenience without climbing in. Hatch back window, but also the tailgate, like the Element. Come on Ford, don't let me down. And it has to be affordable and not ridiculously expensive like the Flex or the new Explorer. Bring it back to the working man/woman. I can get a beemer for $40k and I don't want one.