Spare Tire Use

By Dan J.

Our non-profit has a 2009 F250 Super Duty we use to pick up donated cars, which are sold to low-income people at a discount. It's been an excellent truck and the dealership (Wolf Motors in LeSueur, MN) has been fabulous to work with. Recently, we had a flat tire and we tried to lower down the spare with the tools provided. The little plastic funnel that guides the rod used to lower the spare fell off and then the key that engages the lowering winch fell off and could not be found. So, we had a perfectly good spare, but could not get it off to use it! It would be great if this system could be redesigned so a drive rod that lowers the winch would extend all the way to the bumper. You could then elminate the plastic guide funnel, but you would have to include a bushing to support the drive rod. It could still be driven by the cloverleaf key to prevent spare tire theft.