Something to consider if the Ford F-100 get the okay to be manufactured

I feel that the Ford Explorer Sport Trac would of been a nice medium sized pickup truck before Ford Motor Company discontinued it. The Sport Trac had a bigger cab than the Ford Ranger but was smaller in size than the Ford F-150. (Just Perfect) The Sport Trac would have to be redesigned of course to have pickup truck dimensions and specifications but the original exterior styling (Adrenalin Model) was perfect. Ford Motor Company's-Special Vehicle Team was working on a high performance "Sport Trac Adrenalin model" when the Explorer Sport Trac was discontinued. It would be a good idea to design the Ford F-100/
P525 exterior body styling after the Special Vehicle Team's high performance "Sport Trac Adrenalin model" and watch Ford truck sales soar. I would still add a new look futuristic shaped front grille, newly shaped headlights, and special placement of the headlights in the front. I would also add a flareside cargo bed, sport tuned quad exhaust, and futuristic shaped tail lights in the rear. Ford Motor Company has everything it needs to dominate the pickup truck market. The question is, will Ford utilize what it got.

D. Porter (Want to remain a Ford pickup truck owner)
Brian P 08/07/2012
Have you seen the new Ranger pickup which is available in other markets such as Australia? That's the size a pickup should be - the F150 is just too darned big!