Some modifications to the car

good day
Ford Motor Company respected ownersI am a frequent Ford cars and owned a famous Expedition 2004 and I love Ford often do not like to outperform the rest of the companies I have some suggestions that if you are not good it will not be harmful
1 / For the front lights are still the Ford Motor Company did not include xenon lights for cars with high specifications such as Alaxbdishn, Limited and others from the rest of luxury cars, while this feature see her often required in the Arab Gulf states, which increases in the company's profits this feature
For dim lights must be distinctive example, if I wrote a sign Ford and the lights were white in the same sign of Ford and its surroundings, blue lights is very quiet would be nice
2 / For the side mirrors if there was a button to fold the best for very narrow positions instead of manually blocked
3 / For internal air base if there was graduated from same opened the adjuster so you if you want to put Pepsi or vials Bear or the like it when the air conditioner is working Vhaloa cold makes it cool
4 / speed for large cars we have quite a few companies speed of vehicles more than 200 kilometers per hourThis is making some humans tend to fast cars and private four-wheel drive
5 / For the speedometer if you agree with Samsung that designed your counter will be like Mobile so that you can ride the backgrounds via the Internet Awadrajha via USB Climate of shape speedometer for example, a beautiful girl and around the speedometer or players celebrities and promised things that you can put Speedometer called Theme
In addition if there is an open door specify exactly which door is open
6 / For Maker My suggestion is that there will be a very high class in terms of sedans and SUVs
If you put them famous Maker placebo and that the vehicle is in Sport I think it will attract people often haveStretching and apologized but this is defended my love for the famous Ford Motor Company
Do not forget the gift if liked my proposals (I'm just kidding)
Wishing you great success
Qasim Romaih
Saudi Arabia