smartphone app!

i think that ford should make an app for smartphones that will allow you to open the passenger seat of the car with your smartphone. This will consist of a mechanism that will control the passenger seat with your phone and will eventually open the door; so if you leave your keys inside, you dont have to worry about calling the locksmith to open your car, now you will just open the app sing up with you info and boom the door opens and you will save money and time.
diego m 01/08/2014
If you lose or brake your phone then you have the following options.
1. Buy a new one or find your phone, if you decide to buy a new phone your previous information on your app account will be recover, or you will have to make a new account , remember that this app has a password that you will have to create so if you lose your phone, you wont have to worry about car getting stolen.
Ke X 01/07/2014
I like your idea, but what happens when you lose/break your phone?