Smart key for all Ford hybrids

By Dean W.

I was really disappointed to learn that my 2013 Fusion LE Hybrid will not come with easy access and. Keyless start button. As a former Prius owner, I came to identify this feature with the notion of "hybrid car," and I hope Ford will also come around to this position.
This feature is not available in any of the LE packages, but is standard on the Fusion Hybrid Titanium??
I would pay a reasonable amount to get the smart key in my Fusion LE, but I can't afford to pay $5K more for the Titanium version.
Andrew P 10/22/2012
This is a great idea. Nissan for example offers a "smart key" across there entire line, and you dont have to buy the top of the line to get it. ford could learn a thing here by offering features across there entire line(not just the top trim levels) that other manufacturers consider to be standard equipment