Smaller Truck

By Dale C.

After hearing the Ranger is being discontinued, I wondered Why. I think it's because, over the years, the Ranger kept getting bigger and bigger until it is now virtually an F150. Why not make a small truck that has only a quarter ton(500-750 lbs) capacity, front wheel drive and great fuel economy. I don't need the torque of rear wheels, I just need a truck I can haul some dirty things in like my garden tools or bags of mulch. I can't put those things in my SUV and I don't need to do it often enough to get a full sized pickup. The original Ranger was a great size and had more power than it needed.
Charles Davis 02/23/2012
Amen Brothers. A small F100 or new RANGER that gets 30 MPG plus would be a winner
How about a new F100 with 7 ft bed w/1 ft extendable tailgate? Lighter frame and plastic hood. Ico boast 6 cyl
A front wheel drive RANGER with unibody front, stub frame truck bed rear and a study Transaxke with towing caopability. Base model work/ comuter style.
John Kohr 01/10/2012
I hope that they bring back a small truck. I live in a city where parking is very tight. The grage that I park in has low clearence so most full sized trucks don't fit. I want a small truck that I can use to haul small items and that gets good gas milleage. I also need four wheel drive because I work in the construction field and we get alot of snow in the winters where I live. The ranger fits my needs perfectly so knowing what I need I'm sure there are more people out there with similar needs. I will be in the market for a new vehicle in the next couple years so I am very dissapointed that they discontinued the Ranger. I also liked that you can get the Ranger with a manual transmission I prefer to drive a stick I like the added control and efficiency it provides.
Walter South 01/04/2012
This is exactly why I think an F100 would fill the bill. Build it retro like the 1955-1956 F100, but do a better job than the Chevy and the T Bird.
Johann Schuster 12/31/2011
An F-100 would be sweet. I'm thinking a midsize truck the same size as the 90's era Dakota or a Colorado... enough to hold 6 adults but without as much capacity as the F-150.
Hoosier Haunts 12/31/2011
A redesigned Ranger in small truck specs and a small diesel engine would do wonders. Good decent gas mileage and towing with a quiet diesel. Everyone wants one but only third world countries get it. Not fair. Ranger is a superb truck, a favorite among many, but Ford dropped the ball on the Ranger. Now Chevy is gonna continue selling the colorado/canyon until 2013 and then as rumours has it will unleash a diesel engine with their next redesign. It would be nice if Ford would stop being the follower and step up to be the leader and give us a diesel Ranger and hopefully a true crew cab model (though, I'd be happy with a Ranger Supercab Diesel 4x4).
Mark Page 12/30/2011
Well, I want a truck that will compete with the Tacomas and the Frontiers...and the new Ranger seemed like it could do that with its new Duratec engine. In fact...after seeing the mpg of the Tacoma and the Frontier, I am pretty upset that Ford doesn't bring the Ranger into play. I don't want a full size pick up...and now I am forced to go to a competitor for a smaller sized pick up.
Russell Luder 12/29/2011
I'm with you Dale! Hate to see the Ranger go away. I've got a 99 F150 and want to downsize when I replace it in a couple years. Looks like the Nissan Frontier will be the closest thing to an American made small truck.
Tiea Hester 12/29/2011
I posted a similar comment to ford's cs department. I wanted to buy a small to mid range truck (like the sports trac) for daily family use and the occasional small job. Here is what they reccomended:
For customers interested more in affordable transportation than an entry-level truck, we now offer many new affordable vehicles including the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and the Ford Transit Connect.
A direct quote from my response email. Could you imagine the reaction of the people at the co-op if I showed up in a fiesta and asked for a half load of dirt for my garden? (They do not bag their dirt. Just load the weight you want with a tractor with a front end loader.)
Derek Breschetti 12/28/2011
good idea. i think a unibody FWD or AWD would be good. Would like to see the return of the Bronco .... the truck could basicallt be that with a a truck bed in the back
Curtis Houck 12/28/2011
I hear you Dale C ! Take a look at the Ford Mexico website and witness the 2012 Ford Courier with a 1.6 car motor. It's been down there for a few years now as i recall while i feel we needed it in the USA as an alternative to the Ranger. Now, no standard shift option for the F-150 for those of us that like some extra driver connection to the vehicle we are driving at lower purchase price to boot. What's a guy to do when needing a small economical truck while demanding it be optioned with a fun to drive standard shift transmission ? I suppose it tosses me in the used truck market at this point in life. I sure wanted to buy new at my age.
Mike 12/27/2011
great idea. like you I want a small truck that get's good gas milage. I don't want a full size truck. why not a 4cyl. 4x4 like the tacoma.
Kenneth Woods 12/27/2011
We want to choose rear or front drive, possibly even all wheel drive. Do Not kill the line. Some customers may never buy Ford again.
Kenneth Woods 12/27/2011
Ford, Please do not kill this ideal sized pickup. If the market cycle is down a bit increase the marketing. Make it small for the customers that prefer an easy to handle unit. Ford is trucks!
Robin Shepard 12/27/2011
I agree 100%. My 1997 Ranger will need replaced in a few years. Unless Ford comes up with a small replacement for it, I will be looking at Toyota.
Timothy Earp 12/27/2011
They replaced the ranger with a van? Some times you got to do a dirty job, a van just is not as equipped to do that job as a small truck! Just ask your spokesman.