smaller center console

By Bob M.

Increase the leg room in the Escape by making the console narrower (smaller). For more than 30 years I drove move than 50,000 miles each year. A driver needs to be able to move his legs around and your current model doesn't allow this with its wide console. I had planned to buy an Escape until I drove it 30 miles & my legs begin to cramp. I am now retired and plan to use the next vehicle to take trips to visit my friends and family and most journey will be over 1000 miles each direction.
Isaac J 01/02/2013
I ABSOLUTELY agree with this idea. This is a huge problem with consumer especially those who own the Taurus. Even Consumer Reports have made this complaint. This is the main reason why I haven't even given the Taurus much consideration as a vehicle to buy for myself because it is NOT very spacious inside despite its exterior dimensions.