small pickup truck

By Tom B.

I would like to to Ford come out with a small pickup truck especially with the high price of gas. Chevy and GMC will have a new modern one soon and I think Ford will lose sales without one.
Larry A 08/22/2012
Base it off the Fusion instead. Much lower than the Escape. Make it in AWD and FWD.
Curtis H 04/11/2012
Ford has said the F-150 will work in place of the Ranger at only 20usd extra per monthly payment.
How are sales going?Are they as expected when deciding not to replace the overpriced outgoing Ranger ?
Anyway, i agree that Ford needs a new compact truck in the line-up . It needs an MSRP on par with how the economy and price of gas is going though. Think spartan but tough and reliable as a base model. No 17inch wheels needed .
Juston P 04/09/2012
The 2013 Escape would be the perfect platform for a 2dr 2.0 EcoBoost AWD mini truck especially because of the rear independant suspension... Increase the Wheel Wells by 2 or 3 inches to make it possible for the big tire guys to put some tough mud tires on it... and for the big blinging wheel guys to put their sportier street tires on it with options...
Juston P 04/09/2012
Honestly Ford needs a small pick up truck... I mean small, like a 2,300 lbs... or less... Basicly the new ford Escape 2.0 AWD as a 2dr with a bed... Now your talking 28mpg City, 33mpg Hwy...